Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 198 English


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9 Response

  1. Its getting confusing here why are you translating tdg its being translated by others its waste of time better translate manga wich is not translated and where is my spirit sword?

  2. Nah guys dont do that, dont choose other manhwas, you cant make daily spirit sword sover, and you insist in take more proyects.
    That is bad, you start to suck

  3. Good shiz, I think he's just testing which one would garner more donations, I suggest do it on a daily basis, example, Modays would be Tales of demons and gods, Tuesdays Spirit Sword, blabla. Don't worry about the link, it's a good way to earn money and it's a good way for us non-working students to help you help us with these chapters. Thank you for the chapter :)

  4. My vote personally is on Tales of Demons and Gods <3 I've read the light novel and I want to see it, by it I mean how things go, hahaha :)

  5. noooo dont do this please. there is somebody else who doing this manhua

  6. why lost your time with a manhua beeing translated on time, every tuesday ? it's a waste of time for you to do so, you are better off translating Legend of Spirit Blade, or even SPIRIT SWORD SOVEREIGN . stuff like TODG / Tang Yin Zai Yi Jie ( don's adventure ) beeing TL already ( and sorry to say so, but in a better quality )are a waste of your time :/

  7. Okay, I will always click support link.
    Hope u update
    - Spirit sword sovereign
    - tales of demon and gods
    Thanks. Hope another readers click support link too.

    1. Thank you man we need more persons like you in this world XD