NEWS about Our Discord Server



Hi guys .

Hope you're fine . We publish this post to get your opinion 

about making a DISCORD server to share some news about 

our new projects or simply the current projects with you 

( + many other things , maybe some surprises ) , you'll be 

able to chat between members of our community and share 

many things like your hobbies ...etc.

so let us know what do you think about that in the comments. 
Note : We need at least 100 comments to be sure the server will be useful     
                                                                        Thank you for reading
                                                                                       By BEATER 
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17 Response

  1. make the server as soon as possible and share the server name as fast as possible ^^

  2. Yup and share it as soon as possible.

  3. yes need discord server

  4. U can let know when the next chapters will be released. xD

  5. It will be good if we have a discord server

  6. yup and i would like to help out with the server management am quite experianced in it