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Well i have made a mistake since i thought TANG YIN ZAI YI JIE last chp was 56 so i started from there since i normally follow mangakakalot well.... it not to match for a mistake since i have used those chps to improve my english.

Right now i believe that chp 60 is the last chp realized by other web site. i believe i'm ahead of everyone now so that way we can avoid the misunderstanding of me taking chps from other.

I hop you guys belive more in me and keep suporting me
as for those who are asking me to translate a difrent manhua i was planing to start legend of spirit blade

that manhua hasn't been taken by anyone yet i will try to update when i reach chp 65 on tang...

I hope everyone enjoy their time on our blog we hope not to upset you

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4 Response

  1. i think tang yin have already big team for translate it
    its better for you to translate only the legend of spirit blade

  2. your doing great keep it up mandem more for us but it's up to you

  3. um when you mean "legend of spirit blade" you don't mean spirit blade mountain do you?

  4. what about chaper 1 and the other ones good page btw keep the good work