Spirit Sword Sovereign CH 45


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7 Response

  1. as compare to previous chapter this one is very much improved your English is also better now some of the sentences are out of the bubble I also noticed this same thing in previous chapters 2 to 3 sentences have wrong English but overall 85% good 12% satisfactory 3% BAD. but good luck what matters is that you are trying to improve and you are improving.

  2. Ty for your work!
    2 little suggestions:
    by mobile there is a need of a menu with the series list (and the available chapters) and by mobile it's problematic that when you scroll (inside a chapter) the pages for reading it may open the image of the pages instead of scrolling (in the hompage too it may open other chapters while scrolling, so it's way too sensitive)
    Aside from these thing..
    ty again for your good work!

  3. Good work guys keep up the good work

  4. Loved it Please continue your fast translation we will support you even though it is not big and I hope you can Take over the translation of TALES OF DEMONS AND GODS