Spirit Sword Sovereign CH 44


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11 Response

  1. bro your English is little bit off e.g "without the word zhu I did not know my house" it sould be I did not recognize this house or I did not know it was my house. some of the sentences are incomplete and did not make any sense so I was a bit confused but font size is fine and don't put too many"??!!!"these plz overall 75% good and 20% satisfactory and 5% BAD. Good luck and do better next time I am very happy that you are trying.

    1. he says he isn't good in english and that he's just trying to get these chapters out asap and that there will be another team that redoes them but you'll have to wait longer for a better translation but it doesn't really matter since you figured out what he tried to say so it's good enough

  2. yeah red that before he isn't good in English but there is internet may some one he knows might knows some English he could ask them but like in the 1st comment I am happy that he is trying that's what matter but plz if possible don't take too long in figuring this whole English thingi out

  3. Well I just want to get clue out of it, as long as i can understand.

  4. thank you soooooooo much

  5. Bro , i don't give a fuck , if your eng it's a bit off , i'm just happy for the new update , so thanks ! :d

  6. Mendokusai!!! It.s fucking a drag to go from current to next chapter

  7. I think its fine.
    And i get the point.
    Nice work.